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Other Minds Magazine Issue 12 English PDF Revision 20110722

Topics Editorial: Some news, mostly about the state of the new game by Cubicle 7. In short, it's almost there! Inside Information: Some information about internal topics, primarily about the survey results so far. "Númenórean Longevity Revisited" by myself A short discussion about some topics of the Númenórean longevity that had not been addressed in the OM6 article. "An Unexpected Party" by David Daines The description of the painting of a great Middle-earth miniature set and its inclusion in an even more formidable diorama. "The Phenomenon of 'Eternal Realms' in Middle-earth RPG settings" by myself Discussion about a frequent phenomenon seen in past Middle-earth RPG publications. "Quendi" by Daniel 'Vaco' Vacaflores An extensive discussion about the various elvish peoples in Middle-earth. Complete with stats for Vacos own system as well as MERP. In addition to this, we were able to illustrate all this with the images of several great artists. These were (in alphabetical order): Catherine Karina Chmiel, John Howe, Ted Nasmith, Jan Pospisil and Tuuliky.

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