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You are here: Home / Accepting Applications for Volunteer Coordinator Position Accepting Applications for Volunteer Coordinator Position has need of a Volunteer Coordinator to manage the number of volunteers (averages between 15-20) that help keep the site running. The position only requires about 15 minutes a day (3-5 days per week) checking email and forum postings, and contacting the related volunteer(s). This is a volunteer position. See the details of this posting for more information, and please spread the word to others...

The main issue seems to be just helping volunteers know what they are doing, and giving them occasional gentle promptings to help them keep on track for the areas they volunteered for.

As it is with any volunteer task, the amount of time spent is highly variable and up to the individual, but a Volunteer Coordinator would not be expected to spend more than about 15 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week, checking email and forum postings from volunteers.

The following would be the expected tasks and responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Maintain a list of active volunteers and their role assignments (roles of some of those volunteers would be listed as forum moderator, irc moderator, news postings page, links maintainer, etc.)
  • Add/remove website privileges for volunteers (doesn't require any technical background, you can be easily trained how to do this through the web (it is simply a web page where the user is listed, and you click some checkboxes)
  • Receive, forward (mostly), or respond (occasionally) to emails on various sections of the website (helping to direct to the correct volunteer)
  • Monitoring and helping gently "nudge" the volunteers that commit to a task, with a simple reminder, to help keep them on their task
  • Encouraging additional people to join as volunteers.
  • Must have acceptable English writing skills (for emails and forum postings)
  • Would be helpful to have someone who is multilingual, but not required by any means


I can tell you from personal experience that is actually something worth putting on a resume. I have ended up with several unrelated hirings (a radio station, 2 different technology companies, and others) from interviews because the managers/executives/owners of the interviewing business knew of and the community building that once thrived there, so this is something that can help those looking to strengthen their resume in a number of different fields if they wished.

If you can commit to just 15 minutes per day, for about 3-5 days per week, and think you would be the right person for this position,

please email merpdotcom at gmail dot com.

Even if you do not have previous experience, your application may still be considered, the most important role of the position is the reliability of following through with others.

Please spread the word to others you think might be interested.

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