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New Other Minds Magazine Website Launched

Other Minds Magazine has now "launched" the new version of the website. Lots of new functionality improvements. We currently do not have any artwork added, and welcome any submissions. We will be enhancing the artwork part of the site in coming days. Other Minds Magazine is "The Unofficial Role-playing Magazine for J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth and Beyond". This is a magazine with strong emphasis on scholarly quality content, presented so as to be accessible and usable for both non-gaming Tolkien enthusiasts and role playing gamers alike.

We have "thrown the switch" for the DNS for to now be

The old site will still be accessible for a while at

It typically takes 1-3 days for the changes to spread to 90% of the world, with the last 10% typically taking about a week (roadrunner users and such tend to have slow updates). The old site has the green, white, and black color scheme. The new site is a plain blue/grey/white coloring (for now).

If you are not seeing the new site yet, simply go to for now.

The new site doesn't have any artwork yet, it is purely a (significant) functionality improvement. We welcome artwork submissions to help enhance the site's layout. Please feel free to email

othermindsmagazine at gmail dot com

Or post in the new website's forum.

Please post in the forums to say hello in your preferred language (let us know if you want an additional language added to the forum), and provide feedback.


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