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Other Minds, Issue 13 published

Other Minds, Issue 13 has been published. Despite being long overdue, we are sure the various contributions and rubrics will support you in your Middle-earth related games, Tolkien scholarship or simply provide a good read in its own right.

The content had to bed re-arranged on short notice and the lineup is as follows:

  • Editorial: some ramblings about the latest news and situation of Middle-earth gaming.
  • Inside Information: The latest news about Other Minds, its future and recent developments.
  • The Road Goes Ever On: Links related to roleplaying in Middle-earth.
  • The One Ring (TOR): A detailed review of the most recent incarnation of officially licensed games based on 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'.
  • The Art of Magic for TOR: Suggestions for spell magic within the TOR framework. Based on an earlier contribution in Issue #
  • Iglishmêk: Using the secret gesture language(s) of the Dwarves in a roleplaying environment
  • Population and Urbanization in Eriador: Thoughts about and numbers for the Eriadorian demography throughout the Third Age, including maps.
  • Appendix Tables and Maps for the Population article plus a TOC for all Issues so far.

The team of Other Minds wish you all a good read, inspiration and fun with this Issue and we all hope to see you in the next one as well.

Download the Issue here: Other Minds Issue 13 (10.6 MB; 11,211,033 Bytes)

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